You’re less than half the price of my old demo studio in Nashville and every bit as good and country as hell.
Bobby Rogers Atlanta, GA.

Thanks for the fantastic job producing the music and videos. They’re on the front page of our website as we speak.

Thank you for the fantastic production of my song ‘Traveling Jack’. It will be in the new Robert De Niro / Diane Keaton movie ‘The Big Wedding’ in the first part of 2013.
Steve Dafoe Canada

It’s safe to say all ten demo services did a professional job. The Thomas Roller version was interesting with a pop contemporary feel. After extensive listening it seems to be the most commercial.
American Songwriter Magazine ‘Mail In Demos’ Oct/Nov 2005

Thank you for the wav file and mp3, all received.  I’m really loving what you’ve done! The more I listen to it the more excited I become about the song! You’ve nailed it with all the extra little instruments in there! The mix of everything you’ve chosen just works so well together. And I really love the pace of the guitar in the chorus and the background vocals add a nice touch.
Julie Stojanovski Australia

To say I’m impressed with this version is an understatement. I love it.
Darren Pritchard England U.K.

Thank you again; best demo recordings I’ve ever had done period; and I’ve been getting demos recorded over thirty years.
Martin Zaidman Los Angeles,CA.

I am a 30 year songwriter of published works, and I never had a producer near your talent. You actually listened to me. You included everything I asked for, and blew my doors off! Over the years I have worked with many studios and not one delivered on time. You just changed that statistic as well. The vocals were unbelievable.
Brian Del Piano Syracuse, N.Y.

What can I say. I love the arrangement. I’m so glad I didn’t send this song to Nashville. You did a much better job for a lot less money.
Jon Gudjonsson Reykjavik ICELAND

I received ‘Angel With Broken Wings’. Excellent! I cannot begin to express the appreciation I have for your work and James’ heartfelt vocals making my songs the best they can be. Compared to the other group I first started out getting to demo my songs, there is no contest; hands down-you are superior. As a client, I want you to know your communication with writers like me expedient service, and quality product with reasonable prices are what puts you guys over the top. It truly shows you are working in conjunction with me trying to project what I want instead of treating me as just a number and throw me out a cookie cutter song. When I’m ready to send more projects rest assured-you’ll be the one I trust to have them done.
T. Wise Orlando, FL.