A music demo, commonly called a songwriter demo, can be a simple guitar/vocal or a full band production. It can be produced at a home studio utilizing very basic equipment or recorded in a state-of-the-art facility.

Since the object of the recording is to sell the song the emphasis should be on the lyrics and melody. The vocalist usually ‘out front’ in the mix. The song demo is one of the few ways a songwriter can audition his/her songs to publishers, recording companies and internet listeners. Today, the music demo is more than likely to be in the mp3 format.

You don’t necessarily need a full band but most songs will benefit with at least four or five instruments. Adding extra instruments: background vocals, strings, etc. can greatly enhance the song and therefore your chance of placement.

No. We are a recording studio. We’ll produce a top-notch mail-order demo of your song at a fraction of the price if you booked a studio and hired pro musicians/singers.

Male vocalists will usually take 5-7 work days.  Female vocalist might be 1 – 2 weeks.  Sometimes we get extremely busy and the turn-around time might be a little longer.

You can order using paypal or by sending a check or money order to my Sherman Oaks address.  Thomas Roller Productions p.o. box 57755  Sherman Oaks, CA. 91413.  Send an mp3 attached to an e-mail to: thomasroller01@yahoo.com.  Include the lyrics and any other instructions. 

We love working with lyricists.  Send us your lyrics and instructions such as: tempo, genre and any pertinent instructions you feel are necessary. 

This is the standard we operate by. After we are paid we give up all rights and future royalties to the owners of the song. This includes Thomas Roller as producer and all singers and musicians who have performed on the recording. If asked for, a work-for-hire agreement will be sent on completion of the order. In addition, lyric writers will have 100% ownership of the song.

We offer a state-of-the-art digital recording studio. We are located in Los Angeles, California with a variety of untapped talent. We have country singers, rhythm and blues singers, rappers, Spanish vocalists, you name it.

We encourage you to listen to our mp3 sample page. We don’t just have a few samples available, we have many samples for you to hear in various styles. These are actual demos we have recorded for clients over the past few years. These samples are truly representative of what your demo will sound like.

Samples in a variety of styles:
country: with ‘live’ instruments; no sampled sounds.
pop/top40/soul: with the latest in electronic drums and sampled instruments.

We also produce videos. Videos today are just as important as an audio recording. E-mail for further info/prices.

Check out our testimonial page and see what our customers are saying. We don’t have two or three testimonials; We have hundreds of testimonials on file and many years of satisfied customers.

We also read and write music; this is especially important to writers that have lead sheets or music manuscripts. We can actually read your printouts; and lastly, we offer the best prices around.